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A Denver-based real estate investment company that provides passive income and wealth generation for our investors through real estate investment.

The River to Riches is Led by Fish Capital Investments

We have a leadership team with 90+ years of real estate management experience, we know our industry, and we have a lot to offer you or your company.

At Fish Capital Investments, we believe that enduring success in real estate comes from strong relationships. Just as fish swim in schools for protection and to venture into deeper waters, we believe that success in real estate is created by bringing trusted experts together.

In addition to providing financially secure investment vehicles, investors will be aligned with a company that holds strong to their beliefs and core values.

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What We Provide

Our offerings are made simple for a reason. We believe in the ROI and efficacy of strategic mid-market investing and the quality results it can drive. We focus on Build-to-Rent and Buy-to-Hold strategies that produce cash flow and equity growth. 


You partner with us by investing capital in identified assets, strategies or investment vehicles.


We identify the investment, negotiate terms, perform due diligence secure financing, and close on the deal.


We implement our business plan, create value, and oversee performance.

YouGet Paid

We pay distributions to our investors.

Our Experience

Our leadership has a wealth of experience that has been accumulated over many years in the industry.

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Real Estate Management Experience

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International Development Experience

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Global REIT Operations and Financial Management

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Experience Investing & Managing Assets Across Multiple Economic Cycles since 1990

$ 1 M+

Multiple Asset Class
Acquisitions & Dispositions

Our Partnerships

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Ready to Take the Plunge?

We are always searching for new opportunities to invest in currently underperforming multi-family/commercial real estate in order to bring value and returns to our stakeholders. Our portfolio also includes a number of commercial real estate properties that we have significantly improved upon. If you’re interested in investing in solid income-producing properties, we have just what you’re looking for.

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