Introducing Fish Capital Investments’ Holistic Real Estate Development and Design Principles

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Fish Capital Investments has adopted a real estate development philosophy that sets us apart from other syndication real estate companies.

We don’t operate on the premise that quantity is the antithesis of quality. We are not merchant builders, churning out development after development only for them to be sold off quickly. Instead, Fish Capital embodies an intentional focus on holistic development and design that produces differentiated space and fosters our long-term hold strategy. We stand behind the belief that this strategy is better for both the communities we invest in and the investors who place their trust in our team.

Fish Capital is steering the residential real estate development industry toward a more innovative and sustainable future.

The Philosophy of Holistic Real Estate Development and Design

The philosophy of holistic design in real estate development stems from the theory that creating a successful multifamily property for both our investors and communities requires integrated design and planning in all disciplines. We don’t want just to produce just a housing property but a residential experience that engages residents, the outside community, and our investors in holistic, well-living experiences that will result in long-term tenancies and maximized value throughout the life of our developments.

To accomplish this mission, we believe all development stakeholders must be involved in the entire development process from the very start. Instead of looking at all the different requirements of real estate development independently and linearly, we integrate them horizontally, holistically.

The Fish Capital approach encourages ideas and innovation from all stakeholders at the early stages of development, from architects and general contractors to property management and sustainability consultant teams. Our strategy is to foster “pushback” on every decision so that each step forward is well-intentioned and ultimately provides a residential home that serves the community as well as the tenants.

Fish Capital’s approach creates an inclusive, collaborative environment where each voice is respected, heard, and evaluated. By bringing all stakeholders to the table, we can synthesize everyone’s knowledge and best practices throughout the project.

Fish Capital is a brand known and respected for quality and holistic design that provides mutual respect for the internal and external communities. We know the importance of prioritizing pre-development activities. These early decisions lay the foundation for successful development – building the right team, conceiving the right concept for the specific location, and designing unique, innovative differentiators to make the project stand out within the community.

How It Works: Pre-Development Activities

Holistic real estate development requires a collaborative application of many skill sets, meaning that you must have the right team players to bring a successful multifamily property to life. That’s why we start the collaboration process from day one. Our team’s experience has proven that the right pre-development activities are the most important step in the entire development project.

The onset of each Fish Capital development or value-add project begins with a clear manifesto that defines the project’s goals and parameters. Next, we bring all vendors (from architects to interior designers to property management) into a single room for project planning and collaboration. Each participant can contribute their experience and opinions and highlight differentiators that make the project unique and successful in the community.

Fish Capital’s primary goal is to promote creative tension or an environment where all parties can push and challenge under the shared purpose of creating the absolute best project that services the surrounding community.

An example of how creative tension is an asset to real estate development is a clash between architects and the property management team. Architects may prioritize aesthetics and innovation, while the management team focuses on practicality and cost-efficiency. Through open dialogue, a viable middle ground can be found, resulting in a well-rounded property that balances visual appeal with functionality and sustainability.

A Legacy of Experience and Excellence

The brainchild of Fish Capital’s holistic design principles is Grant Stevens, who joined the team and brought with him over 35 years of experience working with Hines, a worldwide developer. Fish Capital’s holistic design concept was inspired by Grant’s learned global best practices. With project experiences across the US, Europe, and India, Grant learned the value of stepping out of his comfort zone to explore diverse designs and lifestyles. This broadened perspective inspired him to push the design and development team to innovate beyond their comfort zones, creating projects that are relevant not only today but will stand the test of time 25 years from now.

Fish Capital’s forward-thinking approach may demand a higher initial investment, but it creates better projects over time, ultimately reducing investment risk.

Fish Capital's Four Pillars

Sustainability, aesthetics, community, and well-being are the four pillars that Fish Capital was formed on and which we prioritize in our projects. Our mission extends beyond making money but doing so with the intention of keeping these elements in mind.

Each project is treated as unique, with Fish Capital interpreting these four pillars in a site-specific context to create a custom manifestation of these core values. Therefore, each project’s manifesto is specific to the property, community, and investment needs, which is supported but not limited by these pillars.

We follow the mantra that building a quality-centric, site-specific project ensures financial success because such developments resonate with the people interfacing with them.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Developments

Fish Capital is committed to sustainability, striving to follow the principles of LEED and WELL certifications. Unfortunately, green design and certification have been greenwashed and heavily commercialized. The certification process can be costly and sometimes restrictive. Certifications break down developments into a scorecard with ‘box checking’ required that may not be the right decision for every project.

So, while our projects are not necessarily formally certified, Fish Capital highly values their underlying principles. We consider their criteria and integrate them where they make sense for each project. The goal is to add value to a project, considering both current standards and future trends, rather than just ticking boxes to get a certificate.

Through this method, we target an authentic sense of user well-being as fundamental design elements.

Community Collaboration and Cultural Integration

Fish Capital engages with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that developments become a positive addition to the area. This engagement includes embracing the city’s vision, conducting comprehensive market research, considering other successful local projects, and holding community meetings for transparency and involvement.

We actively integrate local art and culture into our projects. This approach transcends the traditional placement of art pieces, focusing on creating an environment that feels right and interesting. We view the culture of a building as being shaped by the building itself and by how people interact with it.

Balancing Investors and Community Needs

Fish Capital strongly knows that making a profit doesn’t require sacrificing the needs of tenants or the community. Our investors stand behind our philosophy of quality development and community involvement. More than just looking at returns, our savvy investors understand the importance of the project itself and our development methodology.

Creating a development that is the highest and best use for the community while maintaining a thoughtful aesthetic does not conflict with investor returns but compliments them. Profit does not require you to sacrifice tenant needs, and we will not make bad decisions for the sake of short-term profits. Good long-term decisions made with forethought and intention allow us to deliver fantastic returns.

Our strategy enables high-quality long-term investment in arguably the strongest real estate asset class.

Innovative, Sustainable, and Holistic Real Estate Development

Fish Capital sets itself apart with its unique approach to development. Targeting efficient and sustainable living, we focus on creating spaces that are safe, welcoming, and attainable. Every location has a specific audience in mind, and we shape the project accordingly.

Our company’s unique approach to collaboration sets our product apart for both the communities we are involved in and the investors we serve. By highly valuing our team and the creative tension that ensues, our developments are formed based on the best decisions for all stakeholders. Fish Capital truly believes that the best projects are born from the right team and an environment that encourages healthy, creative disagreement.

With this innovative and sustainable approach, Fish Capital Investments is redefining the landscape of residential real estate developments, building a legacy of quality, community-centric, and holistic designs that stand the test of time.