Grant Stevens

Managing Director, Development

Grant is a Managing Partner, that heads all of our Development and Rehabilitation projects. He also is a member of our Investment Committee.

Grant Stevens spent much of his development career working with world class designers and contractors to create iconic, intelligent real estate projects across the world. After spending 35 years with Hines as one of their Senior Managing Directors, Grant was hired by Prologis, the most successful Industrial REIT with a highly successful approach to construction efficiencies and global development.

While Hines focused on developing quality, iconic buildings with the best design and construction practices, Prologis was focused on integrating new technology and advanced analytics into the industrial real estate industry for higher efficiency and profit. As the Global Managing Director of Development and Construction at Prologis, Grant initiated new data-driven technologies that allowed more data-driven decisions and more proactive strategies in the development execution process. This diverse development experience makes Grant an exceptional real estate advisor and knowledgeable strategic partner who understands how to organize successful projects and produce differentiated developments.

During Grant’s time with Hines and Prologis, he worked closely with Stanford University’s Global Projects Centre. Collaborating with Stanford faculty and research members Grant has been an influential part of the growth in digital and disruptive technology in the development industry. Predictive analytic tools, BIM applications, generative design, real-time estimating, critical procurement during design, 4D scheduling, facility management dashboards, and visualization tools are part of the technology journey Grant has been on with Stanford. His term of serving on the Advisory Board for Stanford’s Global Projects Center Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities program ended in 2021.